Apple Best iPhones (Mar-Apr 2020) Customers Choice and Awesome Reviews!

Best iPhones list: –Which phone should you buy?

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Best iPhones

Apple Best iPhones:- Even the best android smartphones have improved their features and designs; however, Apple iPhone is still considered the best standard of the market full of smartphones. It has been continued with the trilogy of the Apple Smartphone releases during the year 2019. There is a significant challenge as well if you are in the market and a user of Apple’s iPhone as there is a lot of threat of Coronavirus these days. Is it also threatening to push back the release date of iPhone 12?

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Based on the comprehensive research and the customer reviews, it is proved that iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best Apple’s smartphone so far. All thanks to the extended battery life and the expansive display of the device as well. However, iPhone 11 is the most expensive smartphone of Apple, which comes at a starting price of around $1,100, the cost varies depending upon the storage/colour.

The above price is actually a lot and spending that much is obviously not preferable at times for most of us. Hence, people who plan a certain amount and hoping to get almost the same features just like the iPhone 11, we would suggest you go with the iPhone 11 Pro which starts at a very attractive price that’s around $699. The iPhone 11 has got the same processor and the same camera quality as found in the iPhone 11 Pro models, even with only two camera lenses instead of 3. There is still some back-and-forth however for a lot of users it has resulted in an additional savings of around $300 as decided to go with iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 Pro is also an excellent version of a device for people who like to use compact devices however people seeking for deals at low prices would appreciate the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone XR which are designed in the most attractive prices and nowadays coming along in most excellent deals.

Let’s take a close look at all the best iPhones that you can purchase in 2020 at the best competitive priceā€¦ At least, till the time the new Apple devices arrive in 2020. Apple Best iPhones:-

1) iPhone 11 Pro Max: Best iPhones list

The most favored Apple’s smartphone in the market currently.

Best iPhones


  • Cameras: Ultra Wide (f/2.4), Triple 12 MP Wide (f/1.8) and telephoto 12 MP front (f/2.2)/ (f/2.0)
  • Processor: A 13 Bionic
  • Storage/Ram: 64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB/ unknown
  • Screen Size: Super Retina 6.5 inch X DR (2688 X 1242)

Apple claims that there latest iPhone Pro models are specially designed in a way so that it can be a good fit for the professional and for personal use at the same time. For professionals who rely on their smartphones to get their work done. Apple has the best security with the latest technology. While going through the complete research and testing of the device, our team was stunned and impressed by its long-lasting battery life which Apple has ever put in an iPhone. It was wholly charged, and it lasted for more than 12 hours and that too, with all the apps and Internet connection active, we have ranked it amongst the most long-lasting battery phones. Secondly, the large 6.5-inch screen, including the most durable A13 Bionic Processor is absolutely remarkable. The phone’s display will give you an exceptional viewing experience as it has the Super Retina XDR display.

New camera technology and versions also highlight the iPhone 11 Pro Max, with a 12-MP wide and the ultra-wide angles connecting the 12- Megapixel telephoto lens, the same is included in the iPhone 11 as well. The additional cameras are valued, especially when the cell phone shows a preview of what precisely the ultra-wide lens is trying to capture when you are shooting from the main lens. The best part is the software improvement of the device and the additional Night Mode feature, which is a cherry on the cake and justifies its place on the top of the list of best Apple iPhone’s.

This would have been much better if the iPhone 11 Pro Max would have come up with enough storage in the base model itself because people would prefer to take it in the first place knowing the value of storage capacity, I feel 64 GB is a bit less, and I am sure all of us would need more storage capacity than that, It’s a bit skimpy moreover if money is not the concern then it would be a great choice which also comes with a fast charger and attractive appearance. All these qualities makes it one of the best iPhones in the market.

2) iPhone 11: Best iPhones list

A reasonable priced smartphone: Best iPhones

Best iPhones


  • Cameras: Ultra Wide (f/2.4)/ 12 MP front (f/2.2) and Dual 12 MP Wide (f/1.8)
  • Processor: A 13 Bionic
  • Storage/Ram: 64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB/ unknown
  • Screen Size: LCD 6.1 Inch (1792 X 828)

As the iPhone 11 was launched, it immediately replaced the iPhone XR as a lot of customers upgraded to the iPhone 11. The reason being, iPhone XR was introduced in the market at the starting range of $749; however, the iPhone 11 starting price was reduced to around $699, which is a significant difference. Overall, the iPhone 11 cell phone lets you save about $300 as compared to the iPhone 11 Pro series with almost similar features.

It is still a great deal regardless of the compromise you make for the lower price than the iPhone 11 Pro series are minimal. Both iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series have got the same (A 13 Bionic Processor). The iPhone 11 still gives you a satisfactory performance (even more than well-equipped android handsets) The iPhone 11 is capable of the same camera effects as the iPhone 11 Pro series; it also features an ultra and full angle shooters, including Night Mode for better low light photos appearance, ultra-wide-angle selfies, portrait clicks. All you are giving up is just the telephoto lens which won’t make that much difference. Even if you have to go ahead with your charger, you can still expect more than 12 hours of a long-lasting battery as you can take the benefit of the fast charging support jack. The latest one justifies its place in the best iPhones list.

3) iPhone XR: Best iPhones list

Best fit at cheap price: Best iPhones

Best iPhones


  • Cameras: 7 MP front (2.2) and 12 MP (f/1.8)
  • Processor: A 12 Bionic
  • Storage/Ram: 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB/3 GB
  • Screen Size: LCD 6.1 Inch (1792 X 828)

One of the best parts about iPhone XR is that now the price has been reduced again to around $599. Apple’s iPhone XR proves that you don’t have to pay a lot to get a high-quality iOs Apple smartphone. It is a great deal now. To be honest, the iPhone XR has a regular LCD panel which is not like the OLED screen that is found in the other expensive models of Apple iPhone’s. It also has a standard single rear camera as the iPhone 11 with the same size features dual camera lenses. However, this hardly makes any difference if you look at what you are getting in return in regards to the price.

The iPhone XR still gives the best performance in the battery life aspect as well as its similar to the iPhone 11, though a bit behind from the iPhone 11 Pro series. It comes with an A 12 Bionic Processor while the latest versions of iPhone 11 Pro series have the newest A 13 fast processor. The best part is that iPhone XR comes in various colors, and it would be suitable for people who value design and appearance. In other words, iPhone X R isn’t perfect, but it delivers exceptional performance and experience irrespective of the new iPhone 11 featuring additional benefits and technologies.

4) iPhone 11 Pro

Fantastic triple cameras in a great design : Best iPhones


  • Cameras: Telephoto (f/2.0)/ 12 MP front(f/2.2), Triple 12 MP wide (f/1.8), Ultra Wide (f/2.4)
  • Processor: A 13 Bionic
  • Storage/Ram: 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB/unknown
  • Screen Size: Super Retina X DR (2436 X 1125)

Comparing the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s giant screen and the iPhone 11’s low price and both have the same battery life. It would be enticing to think about the Apple iPhone 11 Pro however if you like the kind of designs that fits compatible in your hands, then you should go with this 5.8- inch iPhone 11 Pro. It has the same Super Retina X DR panel just like the iPhone 11 Pro Max. You will definitely get the best viewing experience with a bright display with great color quality. Additionally, it has the same triple camera setup as the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Apart from the battery backup, which is ultimately a lot better in the iPhone 11 Pro as well. You get almost the same features in both iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro which includes a faster modem, capability to existing a plunge in approximately 4 meters of water. It would be an ideal match for the people who prefer to use smaller devices.

If it is the attractive compact size which is convincing you to purchase this device, be aware of the fact that Apple can soon release the same size smaller device which would be the iPhone 9 version. It is expected on a very less price tag which features the latest A 13 Bionic processor just like the iPhone 11 Pro series, and the size would be similar to the iPhone 8, all this information is mentioned on the Apple iPhone 2020 product launch article.

5) iPhone 8

Value of your money and considered to be the best iPhone for kids : Best iPhones


  • Cameras: Front (f/2.2) and 12 MP (f/1.8) /7 MP
  • Processor: A 11 Bionic
  • Storage/Ram: 64 GB, 256 GB/2 GB
  • Screen Size: LCD 4.7 inch (1334 X 750)

One of the fascinating things about the iPhone 8 is that it has the lowest iPhone price, which starts at around $449. The price is more of competition without you even turning to a refurbished device. Let’s get to the facts and figures. So, the iPhone 8 doesn’t really have the latest processor just like the iPhone 11 and pro latest series however it is still perfectly fine for handling a lot of heavy applications. People who prefer smaller devices would definitely appreciate the 4.7 inch LCD screen of the iPhone 8 and is very convenient to access the device.

And again we are referring back to the $449 price of the iPhone 8, the reason being its the cheapest device in the iOs versions. iPhone 8 is designed uniquely as it’s easily compatible to run iOs 13, the latest versions of Apple operating systems. The IP67 ratings of the iPhone 8 also proves that the phone can easily resist any accidental drops of around 3 feet of water, In other words, this is the handset which you can get if you would like to get the best out of Apple without even spending too much and the different scenario, you can also buy this device once you are sure enough to trust your teenager to handover a personal smartphone to them.

You should also be aware of the iPhone SE version of the Apple device which is rumored to be launched this year could also be of the same size. Both iPhone 9 and iPhone SE can be launched in the current year 2020. The shocking part is that it may come up with the same price as the iPhone 8 or it can be less than that as well.

6) iPhone 8 plus

Excellent pricing for double camera and a huge good screen quality : Best iPhones


  • Cameras: Telephoto (f/2.8)/ 7 MP front (f/2.2) and Dual 12 MP wide (f/1.8)
  • Processor: A 11 Bionic
  • Storage/Ram: 64 GB, 256 GB/3 GB
  • Screen Size: LCD 5.5 inch (1920 X 1080)

Both iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 8 were launched in the year 2017. You will lose a couple of quality features which are only available with the latest version of iPhone 11 and Pro series such as Animoji and Face ID unlocking. These are only compatible with the True-Depth front camera which is available in the newer models of Apple.

Apple introduced the lighting effect feature to its phones in 2017. Also, the iPhone 8 Plus provides a dual rear camera that is capable of pulling off significant portrait effects in a picture. The best part is the reduced pricing of iPhone 8 plus, it’s another way of beating the high cost of the best smartphones.

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