How to use Find My iPhone

Lost and Found: Here’s the process as to how you can locate your iPhone when it goes missing. Complete details regarding How to use Find My iPhone

What exactly is Find My iPhone?

How to use Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone is an application feature which helps you protect your Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods, iPad, iPad touch or iPhone and locate your iPhone in cases of lost/stolen. You can quickly find your device on a map if the feature is activated on the device which needs to be located. You can even play a sound on the phone, which can help you find it faster.

How to use Find My iPhone

Now it is a scenario which is quite common nowadays. You and few of your friends go out for a drink on Saturday night which is always exciting! Usually, one drink goes to two, then three, then four, and then somewhere which is an area of concern- probably in between these four-five shots of this awful whisky and your oh-so incredible performance of Escape Don’t Stop Believin’- then you go for an unplanned casual night out of nowhere. While proceeding, your iPhone, the significant slice of tech that’s generally become a life controller these days, of you, vanishes for no reason.

Conveniently, Apple is there to sort out such a scenario. The Cupertino, California- based company Apple has remarkably and advantageously been providing the Find with my iPhone facility and partnering the mobile application since 2010. The feature allows you to remotely detect the location, lock it for unauthorized usage, and clean it for data security using any other iOs device or iCloud. Setting up and accessing the Find My iPhone is pretty simple, just that, it requires a bit more than the activation and initial set up. This feature can definitely help you; you should be aware of the fact that your valuable device is nowhere to be located, that definitely shouldn’t be the case. The impressive feature is very much compatible with other devices as well be it, Mac, iPad, or iPad touch. This feature can’t really prevent devices from losing; however, it will be most helpful to locate your device, as long as the Find My iPhone feature is activated in the phone before any incident.

Welcome to the Assured Connect! Don’t you worry, we are here to help you. We have listed six simple steps in the below article which will help you to understand how exactly the feature works and what all needs to be done to get it up and running.

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Step 1: Checking the requirements

Find my iPhone feature is installed in all the devices with version iOS 5 or later. It is perfectly compatible and free with older versions of iPhone 3GS, 3rd generation iPod touch, iPad mini, iPad normal and all the recent latest versions of iPhone. Devices on which the cellular data isn’t turned on has to be connected to a WIFI network to be able to be located. Additionally, a valid iCloud account is also required.

 Step 2: Find the Find my iPhone app.

The Find my iPhone feature is installed in the Apple devices for quite some time now. There is no requirement to install the “Find My iPhone” neither will you get the option to remove it. You can easily find it by scrolling down from the mid of the screen, and once the spotlight search comes, you can type in “Find My iPhone”. After that, open the application and login with your Apple ID, if you do not have one, you can sign up and create a new Apple ID which is free.

How to use Find My iPhone

 Step 3: Activate Find My iPhone

How to use Find My iPhone

Firstly, you will have to go to the “Settings” icon of the iPhone> then tap the “Apple ID banner right at the top of the screen. Then you will have to go to the iCloud option > then scroll down to the Find My iPhone option. Once you have selected that, you will have to make sure it is “Turned On.”

Find my iPhone allows more than tracking, locating, or wiping your phone. Apple has the best security system across the globe. By activating the Find my iPhone, it also enables a great feature called “Activation Lock” it ultimately secures and stores your iPhone Apple ID on the activation servers of Apple. One of the best parts is that it automatically links to your iPhone. Without your password, no one will be able to erase your device, reactivate it or even turn off the Find My iPhone feature. There is no technology so far, which can beat Apple’s security. Hence, there is no further action required from your end as you have done your part by activating the feature. It is the best security way to avoid your device from any unauthorized use or any fraud.

Step 4: Lose your iOs device.

As a fact this isn’t suggested because finding your iPhone after losing is only the reason, you are using the Find My iPhone feature in the first place.

Step 5: Locate your iOs device

If the device is lost, you can either access the feature benefits using your Apple ID in any other iOs device such as Mac, iPad, iOs or an iPhone or you can directly access on the web as well to locate your iPhone. Just type in “Apple Login”, or you can visit Apple’s official website as well. Most importantly, we need to keep in mind that we won’t be able to locate the device by any chance if the “Find My iPhone” feature isn’t activated before losing it.

Using another iOs device

If you would like to track your stolen device from some other iOs version, then you will have to open the “Find My iPhone” from the other iOs device as mentioned in Step 2, once you are there. You will have to login in Find My iPhone with your login credentials and passwords. Once logged in, then you will have to select the device which is lost from the list of devices that are registered in the “Find my iPhone” to view the exact device location.

Wiping and Playing Sound on the lost device remotely

 The additional options for Wiping and playing Sound on the lost device remotely are available. Let’s understand how we can access them.

It can be accessed via the “Actions” option located at the bottom of the display of the phone. Additionally, it has the Intuitive Lost Mode feature by which you can lock your device with a four-digit secure PIN and display a cell phone number of your own which can be chosen directly on the lock screen of the invention.

Using your iCloud account on the web 

You can open any of your favorite browser (Google Chrome) recommended, before signing in with your Apple ID and password, please navigate to the “iCloud homepage” Once done, then you will have to select the large icon of “Find my iPhone” and then select the lost/stolen devices from the listed devices that are activated.

Further options of remotely erasing the device and allow it to play a sound can be found in the top right corner including the Intuitive lost mode button which helps in locking the phone as described in the second point of the above step.

 Step 6: Take Action

Let’s move further, so once you have located your iOs device or iPhone, you will have to use one of Find my iPhone’s built-in functions which will help you to recover the device. You can also tap on the grey button “Play Sound” which will feature the phone to play loud Sound continuously for 2 minutes. Then select the Erase iPhone button followed by its confirmation which will completely reset your iPhone including settings, content and data.

If you are on iOs 6, iOs 12, iOs 13, iOs 14 or any latest, you will have to tap in the middle of the Lost Mode button followed by Turn on Lost Mode confirmation before you enter your best reachable number. Then you will have to select the Green next button in the top-right corner and enter the desired message which you’d like to display in the text field and hit the green “Done Button” to ensure the message is activated.

Overall the process is beneficial and convenient however honestly there isn’t any guarantee that you will get the device back for sure– regardless of the fact if you know the precise location. And by any chance, if the device has been stolen, rather than blaming yourself for damage, its best to contact your service carrier or the local authority and let them know the entire situation as to what exactly happened so that they can process the further investigation.

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