When is 5G coming to Australia? April 2020: Updated!…

All you need to know about “When is 5G coming to Australia? Yes, 5G access is already available in some of the Australian cities.

When is 5G coming to Australia? 5G network is already appearing in Australia; however, a lot of people still don’t have access to the fastest 5G network in Australia; they may not have access until late this year. A lot of countries now have access to the 5G network. In the below article, we will go through and discuss the latest 5G details, information, and progress in Australia.

A few of us might not be familiar as to what precisely the difference will be there in the 5G network, 5G is the fastest network connection and is the next upgrade to the 4G network.

Hence, the internet connection will be 10X faster than what you are currently getting. Not only this, but it also comes up with a lot of new opportunities like farms, untethers VR and AR experiences, and smart cities.

We all are excited, and it’s apparent that we all are waiting for a kind of network (5G) that will eventually change our lives, if you are waiting for the 5G network in any part of the world, please stay tuned. We come up with the latest news and updates of technical communication and progress.

5G in Australia

When is 5G coming to Australia

Whenever we think and inform about the 5G network in Australia, there are basically three huge carrier names that come to our mind, 5G availability in Australia: Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus.

In Australia, the 5G network depends on the fact that where you live, it also depends whether you would only like to go with mobile 5G and the availability of the 5G phones in Australia.

Some of the carriers only provide 5G Internet for home: 5G home broadband Internet service.


They were already able to introduce and provide a 5G network earlier in 2019 in most of the Australian cities, that not only includes the major big cities, it also covered up the less proper small location cities as well with the fastest Internet connection.

The 5G internet service is available to some of the locations in Australia which include, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Toowoomba, Launceston, Queensland, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane & Adelaide.

There are a lot of 5G plans which you can get in Australia, let us review the price details shared by the carriers, $50/mo: 15 GB allowance, $60/mo: 60 GB allowance, $80/mo: 100 GB allowance, $100/mo: 150 GB allowance.

With the help of the HTC 5G Hub, the FKG group in Toowoomba was the very first 5G customer of Telstra 5G.

Customers also have the option to purchase a 5G hub with the 5G monthly Internet plans such as $15/mo 5 GB allowance, $25/mo 10 GB allowance, $50/mo 50 GB allowance, $75/mo 100 GB allowance.

All of the shared locations above have their dedicated 5G base stations, which means they have the complete tools and accessibility of the 5G network. Oppo Reno 5G & Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G are a couple of options that can be considered along with LGV50 ThinQ & Galaxy A 90 5G. A couple of 5G devices, including HTC 5G hub and Galaxy 10 5G, are perfectly compatible wherever the 5G network is available.

Vodafone Australia

Vodafone is working hard and progressing very fastly in terms of the 5G network connection.

There are a few locations in Australia where Vodafone is planning to roll out 5G services in Australia that includes: Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Canberra.

To provide the fastest 5G network to its customers in 2020, Vodafone has partnered with Nokia, which is impressive!


Optus is the second-largest service carrier in Australia. They started providing Fixed Wireless Access 5G services as well as mobile 5G services in early November 2019.

They have some best Internet plans as you have the option to opt-in for 5G Home Broadband services for just $70/ mo, and the best part is that they offer a 50Mbps Speed satisfaction guarantee.

You can also check the 5G phone’s page on Optus’s official website to find out what all phones are compatible with their faster 5G network

In addition to that, they have also displayed a network map as well by which it will be easier to find the exact locations of the 5G availability.

The best part is there is a straightforward option, you need to enter your billing/service address, and you will be able to check the availability of 5G network at your location in almost no time.

Optus was utterly prepared with more than 290 5G sites on the date of the 5G launch in Brisbane, Melbourne, Queensland, Victoria, NSW, Canberra, Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide. They are also planning to come up with a lot of 5G sites in 2020..

MVNO networks in Australia

Lets first understand the concept of MVNO networks in Australia, so the Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) are the service operators who purchase the services access from other service providers.

This is a kind of process which doesn’t feel as good as the original service carriers that own the service access.

Just as an example, the Optus mobile network is used by iPrimus, Amaysim, and Exetel. AldiMobile is using the Telstra network, Woolworths mobile, Belong, and Boost Mobile. Vodafone network is being used by Kogan Mobile, Kisa Phone, and Hello Mobile.

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